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The general information

As shows the analysis of the market of rent of commercial real estate, the premises given in rent MUE «Minsk Spadchina», have set of obvious and conclusive advantages, such as a direct arrangement in city center, affinity to the basic city transport highways, high level эксплутационного service and stability of rent relations. Thereby stable demand for rent of premises MUE «Minsk Spadchina» that allows to provide problem performance on the maximization of net profit of the enterprise received from economic activities in interests of the founder – the Minsk Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies is guaranteed. As additional guarantee for the tenant that premises are leased through the decision of the Minsk Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies can serve. The important role is played by that, except rent of premises, the enterprise represents a complex of high quality services in operation of these premises. The analysis of results of carrying out of competitions (auctions) UE «the Minsk city center of real estate» allows to draw a conclusion that premises of the small area (to 20 m. sq.) for use as administrative premises use special demand. High rates of a rent and the raised demand for rent of premises concern the commercial real estate demanding raised consumer qualities as which it is understood: Convenient site; Flexible lay-out of premises; High level and quality of furnish; Arrangement in prestigious area; Qualitative service of rented premises; Parking place presence etc. Premises MUE «Minsk Spadchina» basically meet the shown requirements. But in territory of the historical center there is a deficiency of parking spaces, and for the decision of the given problem is in addition planned and building of parkings is already conducted. At the conclusion of lease contracts of premises MUE «Minsk Spadchina» is guided by Mingorispolkom decisions on streamlining of use of buildings, constructions and the uninhabited premises which are in state ownership. The size of a rent and the rented area are defined according to «to Position about definition of the sizes of a rent for the public, administrative and converted industrial buildings, constructions and the premises which are in state ownership, and conditions of clearing of a rent and their granting in gratuitous using», the President of Byelorussia confirmed by the Decree from 9/30/2002 № 495. At definition of the size of a rent the raising and lowering factors entered by decisions of the Republican commission on streamlining of use of office buildings, constructions, floor spaces and other objects of state ownership are applied to separate categories of tenants, and also decisions of Mingorispolkom on an establishment of raising factors to base rates of a rent for separate objects of state ownership. Cost of services in maintenance service and operation of buildings and uninhabited premises in apartment houses is formed according to Position about an order of formation of the prices and the tariffs, the confirmed decision of the Ministry of Economics of Byelorussia from 8/10/2008 № 183 «About the Position statement about an order of formation and application of the prices and tariffs» on the basis of planned accounting of cost of services. Cost prices of maintenance service and operation of premises when due hereunder are registered by management of a price policy of Mingorispolkom. Demands on service of premises and places of the general using on ph. +375 17 226-53-04.